Greenfield Education Services offers at-home learning support for K-12 students in Long Beach, Los Angeles, and Orange County. We provide local, qualified educators for in-person 1:1 instruction or mini pod learning experiences that support your current school classroom program.
This service does not replace your current school program. But it does provide your child the opportunity for in-person interaction they are currently unable to have with their teacher.

At-Home Learning Support

Private Learning: 1:1 at-home learning support and organizational help to get your child(ren) through all subjects (All grade levels)

Customized Mini Learning Pods: Bring together a small group of same-grade students and we provide a educator to create an at-home learning experience that supports your current school classroom (Recommended for elementary grades)

Zoom Support: 1:1 student-educator ratio on-line for academic and organizational support (all grade levels)

Depending on your needs, we offer educators who are certificated or CBEST qualified, as well as student teachers and tutors.

In-person and Zoom learning support have a 4 hour/week minimum.

How Families Benefit

  • A knowledgeable, qualified educator coordinates and supports your child’s learning.
  • More interruption-free, work-from-home time for parents who have been tasked with assisting children with their school day learning.
  • Students get the educational support they need.
  • 1:1 and small-group learning experiences currently unavailable in schools provide a sense of normalcy.
  • Your student can progress and even excel in these unprecedented times.

Let’s Get Started

    To learn more, contact Greenfield Partners at or 949-517-2596